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Single Country Passes: Japan, Europe, Australia / New Zealand
Multiple Countries Passes: Europe
Popular Rail Passes: Japan Rail Pass, Eurail Global Pass, Eurail Selectpass, Swiss Pass
Popular Train Tickets: Kowloon - Beijing, Kowloon - Shanghai
Japan  (Single Country Passes Only)

Japan Rail Pass

Kansai Area Pass

Japan East Pass

Kansai WIDE Area Pass
All Shikoku Rail Pass

Japan Kyushu Pass

Japan Hokkaido Pass

Europe - Single Country Passes


Eurail Austria Pass

Eurail Greece Pass

Eurail Czech Republic Pass

France Rail Pass

Eurail Italy Pass

German Rail Pass

Eurail Spain Pass


Britrail Pass

Britrail London Plus Pass

Britrail Flexi Pass

Britail Scottish Freedom Pass

Swiss Travel System

Swiss Pass

Swiss Flexi Pass

Swiss Transfer Ticket with Half Fare Card Combi

Swiss Transfer Ticket

Europe - Multiple Countries Passes


Eurail Austria - Czech Republic Pass

Eurail Germany - Poland Pass

Eurail Austria - Hungary Pass

Eurail Germany - Switzerland Pass

Eurail Austria - Switzerland Pass

Eurail Benelux Pass

Eurail France - Germany Pass

Eurail Portugal - Spain Pass

Eurail France - Italy Pass

European East Pass

Eurail France - Switzerland Pass

Balkan Flexi Pass

Eurail Czech Republic - Germany Pass

Eurail Scandinavia Pass


Eurail Global Pass

Eurail Global Youth

Eurail Global Pass Flexi

Eurail Global Youth Flexi

Eurail Selectpass

Eurail Selectpass

Eurail Selectpass Youth

Australia / New Zealand
- Single Country Passes Only


Austrail Flexi Pass

Austrail Pass

East Coast Discovery Rail Pass

NSW Countrylink Discovery Pass


New Zealand

Travelpass - 2 in 1 Travelpass

Travelpass - 3 in 1 Travelpass

Travelpass - 4 in 1 Short Flight Travelpass

Travelpass - 4 in 1 Long Flight Travelpass

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