1. Applicable User
  • Valid Schengen Visa are required for any route.
    2. When to Check-In
  • At least 10 minutes before departure - Business Premier tickets
  • At least 30 minutes before departure - All other ticket types.
  • Allow an extra 30 minutes on top of your normal check-in time - Passengers with special needs (e.g. a wheelchair user).
  • At least 1 hour before departure - Passengers for ski services.

    3. Lost and Stolen
  • Eurostar bear No Lost and Stolen compensation.

    4. Reservation
  • Reservation is compulsory and subject to maximum 2 months in advance of train departure.

    5. Changes & Cancellations
  • Tickets are fixed on travel date/time and non-refundable (except otherwise specified).

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