Eurail Pass General Terms & Conditions

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  •  Non-transferable
  •   Travel with appropriate class
  •  Applicable User
  •  Fines for not presenting a valid pass
  •   Pass is subject to CIV
  •  Lost or Stolen
  •  Applicable Area
  •  When Register baggage
  •   Validity of the Pass
  •  Responsible and Liability
  •  Additional fees items
  •  Holders of Youth Pass
  •   Seat Reservation is recommended and even compulsory

  • 1. Non-transferable

  •   This pass is strictly personal, non-transferable and only valid with a passport, official identity Card or special military travel permit. Presentation of this document is compulsory.   Top

  • 2. Applicable User

  • Eurail or Europass can not be used by residents of Europe, the Russian Federation, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria or Tunisia.  For other multiple and single countries' passes, it is not eligible for the residents of the countries that passes include.  Top

  • 3. Pass is subject to CIV

  • Transportation covered by this pass is subject to the "Uniform Rules concerning the contract for International Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Rail"(CIV).

  • In Respect of carriage by SEA, The legal provisions of the Individual particular sea carrier apply.

  • Coupons of the present pass are subject to the "Standard International Tariffs for the Transportation of Passengers and Luggage"(TCV) and its special annexes, transportation by the services of non-member transport undertakings of the TCV is subject to the domestic tariffs of the transport undertakings concerned or failing such tariffs to the conditions of the transport undertaking in question.

  • The coupons in the booklet form with the cover a single travel document; coupons without a cover, and those without a date stamp or imprint of the issuing office, are not valid.


  • 4. Applicable Area

  • This pass is valid for unlimited travel in the class indicated on the pass ( 1st class tickets are also valid in 2nd class) on the national railways ( and some private railways) .
    as well as on
    some shipping lines indicated in the Eurail Traveler Guide Eurailmap. This pass is not valid in some special trains.

  • 5. Validity of the Pass

  • Validity period
    This pass is not valid until the first and last day of validity and number of passport, **Travel must be completed at the latest by midnight on the last day of validity. Identity Card or military travel permit is
    entered by a railway office before travel begins. Use must begin within 6 months of the date of issue.(Holders are not allowed to validate their passes themselves.)

  • This pass is valid for the periods indicated on the pass and entitles the holder for this period to many bonuses, such as transportation on ferries, ships and buses either entirely free or at reduced fares .

  • How to make the pass work

    Every day before boarding the first train or ship the date of use must be entered in blue/black ink or with a   blue/black ball-point pen by the traveller in the corresponding box on the calendar. Dates must be inserted in chronological order in the following way: e.g. May 27=27/5

  • How to count a travel day for free & reduction Bonus transport

    The Flexipass entitles the holder to a specified number of days of travel within perod of validity. A traveller who, on any particular day, uses only a free transportation bonus, is obliged to enter a day's travel in a box on the calendar. But for bonuses offering only a reduction don't count a travel day.

  • What's a Rail day

    A travel rail day is valid from midnight to midnight on the date of use indicated on the calendar. If the trips starts in a direct overnight train departing after 19:00 , the next day must be entered, it already includes the travel period yesterday after 19:00.

    When using an overnight ferry covered by the pass, the holder may enter either tthe day of departure or the day orf arrival

    Reminder: Travel must be complete by midnight on the last day of validity. If you travel overnight train at last day. You must on train before 19:00.    Top

  • 6. Additional fees items

  • No supplements are required for quality trains such as EC, IC, ICE, TGV,etc. (please view Valid train   for further information)

  • Additional fees for seat reservations, sleeperettes, couchettes, sleeping scar accommodations, meals, extra services on board, supplement charges on certain ships, port taxes, luggage forwarding, etc. must be paid.   Top

  • 7. Seat Reservation is recommended and even compulsory

  • This pass does not guarantee a seat on a train or passage on a ship unless reservations are secured in advance. For certain trains and ships a reservation is compulsory. Please inquire before travel at the issuing office or in Europe at railway stations and shipping company offices; in Europe this pass must be shown when securing train reservation.

  •  Seat Reservation (Tips)

    Additional fees for seat reservations, couchettes, sleeping car accommodations, meals, extra services on board and baggage shipment must be paid separately.

    Most trains are open seating and a seat reservaton is not mandatory. But your pass does not guarantee a seat on train. When you plan to travel long distances, or travel with families and groups that wish to be seated together, seat reservation is recommended.

    Seat reservation are required for most high speed trains.

    As Friday and Sunday afternoons and evenings are peak travel periods for Europeans, you may consider to make a seat reservation.

    When planning to use and overnight train, you have to make a reservation in advance for a sleeper or a couchette and pay a supplement. But if you just take a seat, it don't need to pay supplement.

    (Reservations should not be made until you are certain of your travel plans. Reservations can be confirmed up to 60 days in advance of the travel date.  Top

  • 8. Travel with appropriate class

  • For 1st class travel with a pass marked 2nd class, the full difference between 1st and 2nd class fare on the respective route has to be paid.    Top

  • 9. Fines for not presenting a valid pass

  • If the traveler cannot present, upon request, a valid passport, official identity Card or military travel permit with his/her pass, the local control staff is authorized to demand payment, in addition to the full fare, of a fine charged with the regulations of the railway concerned, both in local currency. Use of a pass:
    • On which the indications have been altered or tampered with;
    • Which is forged;
    • By anyone other than the person to whom it was issued;
    • Beyond its validity period;

    authorizes control staff to confiscate the pass and to demand the payment of the full fare plus a time of US$ 100 maximum, both in local currency. Traveling with a non-validated pass authorizes control staff to levy a maximum fine of US $50 in local currency.  Top

  • 10. Lost or Stolen

  • This pass can be neither refunded nor replaced if lost or stolen.

  •   For passes partially used or submitted for refund after the first day of validity, and application for refund must be submitted to the issuing office with all necessary proof (cancellation by a European Railway Office, medical certificates in case of illness, etc.) within 6 months after the first day of validity.

  •   In case of completely unused non-validated passes, refund applications must be submitted to the office where the pass was purchased with the original documents within six months from the date of issue. The refundable allowance is subject to a 15 % deduction.   Top

  • 11. When Registering baggage

  • This pass must be shown when registering baggage.   Top

  • 12. Responsible and Liability

  • The European Railways cannot be held responsible for:
    • Damages due to strikes;
    • Delays and missed connections;
    • Theft or loss of non-registered baggage
    • Theft or loss of the pass

    The office that issues the pass is merely the intermediary of the carriers in Europe and assumes no liability resulting from the transport contract.    Top

  • 13. Holders of Youth Pass

  • Holders of a "Youth" pass must be under 26 years of age on the first day of validity of their pass.   Top

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