Britrail's Pass Terms & Conditions

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1. Non-Applicable Transport
  • The ticket or pass is not valid on Eurostar Services, special excursions, Tyne and Wear Metro trains (Newcastle-upon-Tyne area) , Glasgow Underground trains, Manchester Metrolink, road links between airports and railway stations. Docklands   Light Railway, privately owned railways, steam services, London Underground trains and buses, ships ,hovercraft, nor any other services.   Top
    2. Reservation is advisable
  • Reservation can be made when he/she arrive UK.
  • Reservations for particular journeys are rarely obligatory, but for busy trains are advisable. It is not necessary to validate a pass in order to reserve a seat or sleeping berth in advance. The normal fees are payable.
  • A charge may needed upon reservation and it is vary from trips and railway companies.
    3. What is a rail day
  • A travel rail day is valid from midnight to midnight on the date of use indicated on the calendar. Except for Britrail Flexi Pass and Britrail Pass plus Ireland, if the trips starts in a direct overnight train departing after 19:00 , the next day must be entered, it already includes the travel period yesterday after 19:00.

    Reminder: Travel must be complete by midnight on the last day of validity. If you travel overnight train at last day. You must on train before 19:00.    Top

    4. X'mas & New Year are not operated
  • Validated Passes which include days when no train service operates (Christmas/New Year) will be extended by the number of days on which no service operates.   Top
    5. Note for 1st Class Holders
  • First Class Pass holders should note that some trains provide Standard accommodation only, and that this is allowed for in the pricing of the First Class Pass.   Top
    6. Supplement for standard class travelling 1st Class seats
  • Holders of adult or child Standard class Passes or tickets may travel in First Class accommodation on payment of the difference between the First Class and Standard full fare for the journey being made. Holders of Youth Passes travelling in First Class Accommodation will be regarded as travelling without a ticket, and will be charged the appropriate First Class fare for the journey being made.Top
    7. Subject to the National Conditions of Carriage
  • This document is issued subject to the National Conditions of Carriage and to the conditions of carriage of any other operators on whose services it is valid. It is not transferable. Unless indicated otherwise, it is valid for travel by any permitted route and on the services of participating operators. The  National Conditions of Carriage and a list of participating operators are available at ticket office.  Top
    8. How to activate your pass
  • BritRail Passes is avaliable for non-british residents only.
  • It must be bought before arriving UK.
  • Please sign in in the space marked PASSHOLDER'S SIGNATURE. It first time you wish to use the pass, please take it to a ticket office of a Participating Operator and ask them to date it with the dates of validity. Your pass will not be valid unless his is done. If, however, your first journey is from an unstaffed station, our pass will be valid provided you take it be validated at the next junction station, or upon arrival at your destination. The pass must be validated within 6 months of the purchase date.  Top
    9. (7pm) Rule
  • 7:00pm rule: If an overnight train starts after 7:00pm on a validated  Britrail Flexi Pass or BritRail + Ireland, the pass holder must enter the next day's date on the pass, provided it falls within the validity of the pass. Top
    10. Special for Britrail Pass + Ireland

  • Subject to CIE & Stena Line
  • Travel on the Railways of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and on the services of Stena Line are subject to their conditions of carriage issued by the Northern Ireland Railways and CIE (Irish Railways) and Stena Line respectively. Top


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